The mighty Malaita Eagles will take on Central Shields tomorrow for the Solomon Islands prestigious Solomon Cup title.

It has been a long and tedious journey over the past two weeks for both teams who have made their own ways and fought their own battles to reach the top and claim this final spot in the tournament.

Commentators on both the mainstream and social media are saying the Eagles are the favorite to win the finals, but the Shield had come a long way and although they are the under-dogs in the finals, they are very capable to turn the game around and make history.

The thought that is surely keep coming back to the minds of the many football fans in the country who will turnout in numbers tomorrow is the question of how the game will finally turn-out.

The question of whether or not we, both teams, our supporters and our respective provinces are prepared to respect each other, the game, the title and be a good winner and loser.  After-all sports at this level and more so at such a testing time in our country is not really all about winning or losing, but more importantly as a binding agent that can strengthen and unite our people, provinces and country.

One thing this Solomon Cup has seen is the increasing raw talent that football is producing in all corners in the country.  That talent, growth and potential can only be protected and harnessed through the success of the Solomon Cup Tournament and other national and provincial tournaments.

It does not really matter which province wins the Solomon Cup tomorrow.  What does matter is to have a good winner and loser and make the Solomon Cup successful.  Only then can we be all true and proud winners of the Solomon Cup.

This cartoon expresses the worst that had happened in the past and there is no ruling it out it will not happen again.  But it challenges us all football fans that it is all good to be the die-hard supporter for our respective team and province we all are, but importantly, we have a duty to be a good law abiding citizen of the beautiful nation of Solomon Islands and respect each other, the Solomon Cup, the teams, the officials and the laws of the game.

For Eagles and Shield, play your best tomorrow and all of us football fans, let us all cheer the Solomon Cup and be all winners.