The Republic of China (Taiwan) has come to the aid of Solomon Islands to boost its human resources capacity to deal with dengue fever patients.

The Embassy of the ROC (Taiwan) and Taiwan Health Center have deployed a team of medical specialists to the National Referral Hospital to work alongside local medical staff to deal with dengue fever patients following the dengue outbreak in Honiara. In addition to donating much needed serotyping re-agents for dengue fever, the ROC Embassy is donating another 30 cases of Ethanol Solution (hand sanitisers) on behalf of the Global Fishery Ltd and the Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation of Taiwan.

The medical specialists from the Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital arrived in Honiara on Monday 5th December 2016 for the weeklong mission and are now at work at the National Referral Out-patient Department.

Team Leader, Senior Medical Specialist, Mr Wei-Chou Chang said the Taiwanese Government was concerned about the outbreak of the Aedes Mosquito-borne disease in Solomon Islands and facilitated the dispatchment of the mobile Dengue Outbreak Response team.

Members of the Taiwanese team of medical specialists deployed to the National Referral Hospital to boost the human resources capacity of the hospital to deal with dengue patients.

He said the Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital has a sister relationship with the National Referral Hospital and the Taiwanese Government has capitalised on the on this bond to help Solomon Islands deal with the dengue fever outbreak.

Mr Chang said this is the second time that the Taiwanese Government through the Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital has assisted Solomon Islands in boosting its human resources capacity in dealing with dengue fever.

He said the first was in 2014, following the first dengue fever outbreak.

Meanwhile, Leader of the Taiwan Health Centre at the National Referral Hospital, Ms Alice Hsu said the deployment of the medical specialists is part of the major health collaboration between Solomon Islands and Taiwan, dating back to 1989.

She said this collaboration has also resulted in the accomplishment of the following projects in Solomon Islands;

  • National Referral Hospital Expansion Project (Phase I &II) from 1989-1993;
  • National Referral Hospital Renovation Project from 1994-2004;
  • National Referral Hospital Expansion Project (Phase III) from 2005-2006;
  • National Referral Hospital and Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital Sister Relationship in 2006;
  • Taiwan Medical Mobile Medical Mission Project in 2006;
  • Medical Personnel Capacity Rebuilding Project in 2007;
  • Taiwan Health Centre Project in Solomon Islands in 2007;
  • Taiwan Health Scholarship Project in 2008;
  • National Referral Hospital Priority Projects in 2013; and
  • Masters in Nursing Programme for SINU School of Nursing Lecturers in 2014.

Source: Press Release from Republic of China (Taiwan) Embassy.